Okay, so I've gotten a little bit of help with dealing with toddlers.  A pet bowl full of kibble will deal with the hunger problem, a pet mat takes care of the energy problem.  Besides these two, I've added a little sandbox and a pool.  Thank goodness for custom content!
I am sooo tempted to age all these little brats (babies and toddlers) up to child right about now.  I don't want to throw the general age of the neighborhood out of sync but I'm telling you, these brats are getting on my nerves!
The truest test of time for me is whether I'll keep going with this challenge.  I have in the past, tried the Legacy Challenge (made it to 5 generations), the Prosperity Challenge (made that to 3 generations) and the Victorian Population Challenge.  The last one was just tooooo frustrating.  But this one seems to be tailor made to keep your interest up.  I've only got 4 families at the minute that I'm working with so rounds won't drag out too long.