I've gotten my first Gen 2 Adult!  Now to get her married and a child on the way.  Also, I managed to set up the son of my only Skin 1 family with the oldest daughter of one of my Skin 4 families.  So I may use the mobile home part as an old folks home!
I discovered that playing teen households is really quite simple.  I've got 3 teen girls that have been matched with CAS teen boys.  So far, getting relationships up into the "Crush" stage has been easy to accomplish.  I should be able to get them going steady next round!
I'm into Round 5 and have had 2 deaths so far.  Betty Bravo passed away for reasons I have yet to figure out.  Chad Charlie also passed away, which poses a bit of a problem for me!  I had intended to have Chad marry the second daughter of the Bravo family, and moved his sister out already.  So I think I'll just make the oldest son still living in the household the heir, that wi