I no sooner get to the next era when my laptop dies!  So I'm restarting this challenge again, but this time I'm going with a SimStone theme.  I've already set my families up and started playing Fred and Wilma Flintstone.  Wilma is pregnant already and I'm anxious to see the new baby.  Wish me luck!
This round I've finally gotten the first Gen 3 adults.  Now I can move on to the Roman era.  As I finish each family, I'll post a page and a photo of them as I move forward.  I've been giving each family different last names that all start with the same letter as the original couples did.  So now I can add all the B's together to get that family's group wealth, and so on.  The wealthiest family will be the Emperor and Patricians, the next weathiest will be Patricians, you get the picture.  The exception to this will be families that have mixed races.  That family will start out as Plebians. 
The truest test of time for me is whether I'll keep going with this challenge.  I have in the past, tried the Legacy Challenge (made it to 5 generations), the Prosperity Challenge (made that to 3 generations) and the Victorian Population Challenge.  The last one was just tooooo frustrating.  But this one seems to be tailor made to keep your interest up.  I've only got 4 families at the minute that I'm working with so rounds won't drag out too long.