I no sooner get to the next era when my laptop dies!  So I'm restarting this challenge again, but this time I'm going with a SimStone theme.  I've already set my families up and started playing Fred and Wilma Flintstone.  Wilma is pregnant already and I'm anxious to see the new baby.  Wish me luck!
It's the end of the Neanderthal era and the beginning of the Roman era!  I've moved all the families into their new homes and have started setting up the community lots that they will need.  I've also taken the time to add in family portraits of all the families as they enter the new era to the Families page.  I'll come back and list the children's names sometime this coming week.  Hopefully I'll get better at bringing you the life stories of these folks!
As luck would have it, the wealthiest family was the Bravo's.  I'm moving each family into their new homes as I finish the last round of Neanderthal times.  I plan to call the shopping distict "The Marketplace" while the downtown district will be the "Town Center".  I know, not the most original names but ones that will work as I carry forward.
This round I've finally gotten the first Gen 3 adults.  Now I can move on to the Roman era.  As I finish each family, I'll post a page and a photo of them as I move forward.  I've been giving each family different last names that all start with the same letter as the original couples did.  So now I can add all the B's together to get that family's group wealth, and so on.  The wealthiest family will be the Emperor and Patricians, the next weathiest will be Patricians, you get the picture.  The exception to this will be families that have mixed races.  That family will start out as Plebians. 
I've reached the point where all of my Gen 1 parents have aged into elders.  As I start round 7, I'll move them into the Old Folks Mobile Home Park.  Teenages are going steady already.
I've gotten my first Gen 2 Adult!  Now to get her married and a child on the way.  Also, I managed to set up the son of my only Skin 1 family with the oldest daughter of one of my Skin 4 families.  So I may use the mobile home part as an old folks home!
I discovered that playing teen households is really quite simple.  I've got 3 teen girls that have been matched with CAS teen boys.  So far, getting relationships up into the "Crush" stage has been easy to accomplish.  I should be able to get them going steady next round!
I'm into Round 5 and have had 2 deaths so far.  Betty Bravo passed away for reasons I have yet to figure out.  Chad Charlie also passed away, which poses a bit of a problem for me!  I had intended to have Chad marry the second daughter of the Bravo family, and moved his sister out already.  So I think I'll just make the oldest son still living in the household the heir, that wi